Google Cloud Database Engineer(GCP) Practice Exams(360 Ques)

Pass GCP Database with Confidence: 6 Full-Length Practice Exams, 360 Questions, and Detailed Answer Explanations


Google Professional Cloud Database Engineer Practice Tests

Prepare for the GCP professional cloud database engineer exam with confidence through our comprehensive practice test exams. Designed to align with the exam content and structure, these practice tests offer invaluable insights into your readiness for the actual certification.

Go into your exams with confidence.

Course Title: Google Professional Cloud Database Engineer (GPCDE) Certification Exam Practice Tests

Number of Questions: 6 Sets of 60 questions (total of 360 questions).

Duration: 120 Minutes

Explanation: Each question includes explanation for why the correct answer is correct, and why the other answer options are incorrect, enhancing candidate’s understanding of the course.

Note: Passing the practice tests does not guarantee passing the exam, the course is provided as a preparation resource for the real Google Professional Cloud Database Engineer (GPCDE) Certification Exam.   

Structure: The Practice Tests are structured in the same format as the real Google Professional Cloud Database Engineer (GPCDE) Certification Exam.

The Real Google Professional Cloud Database Engineer (GPCDE) Certification Exam Information:

Number of Questions: 50-60

Duration: 120 Minutes

Passing Score: 70%

Structure: The exam consists of multiple choice and multiple select questions.

Delivery: Web-based, closed-book, without external assistance.

Access: The exam is accessible via two ways:

a. Take the online-proctored exam from a remote location. Or

b. Take the onsite-proctored exam at a testing center. 

Requirement: There are no requirements, but experience in Cloud Database Engineering is recommended (About 5 years of overall database and IT experience, including 2 years of hands-on experience working with Google Cloud database solutions).

Fee: $200 (plus tax where applicable).

Total Students66
Original Price($)1499
Sale PriceFree
Number of lectures0
Number of quizzes6
Total Reviews7
Global Rating5
Instructor NameCertPro Academy

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