Serverless Computing On Cloud (Google + AWS)

Get into serverless computing with Google App Engine, Google Cloud Run, Google Cloud Functions, Lambda, ECS, EBS etc


Build a Serverless  Application by using a Docker Container, Google App Engine, Google Cloud Functions, and Google Cloud Run. Serverless computing will shape the future of web development since it allows you to get rid of many issues “traditional” web hosting poses

Serverless allows us to focus on our code and deploy more. What’s better, our serverless applications only cost us money when they’re used.

The modern way of coding

Are traditional serverless platforms restricting the way you code? Google Cloud’s serverless platform lets you use your favorite language, runtimes, frameworks, and libraries. You can even choose to deploy as functions, apps, as source code, or containers.

Serverless ways

1) GAE(Google App Engine): Stay more productive and agile by using popular development languages and tools. With zero server management or configuration deployments, developers can focus on building highly scalable applications without the management overhead.

2) GCR(Google Cloud Run): Run stateless HTTP containers on a fully managed platform or on Anthos. Knative, an open API and runtime environment built on Kubernetes, enables you to run workloads anywhere: fully managed on Google Cloud, on-premises, or on a third-party cloud provider via Anthos.

3) GCF(Google Cloud Function): Spin up code on demand in response to events originating from anywhere. Connect and extend all Google and third-party cloud services and build applications that scale from zero to planet-scale — without provisioning or managing a single server.

4) GKE(Google Kubernetes Engine)

Why learn Serverless?

Only practical hands-on course available on the internet till now.

Serverless computing will shape the future of web development since it allows you to get rid of many issues, “traditional” web hosting.

Now’s the time to dive into this exciting new technology!

Unlike in traditional web hosting, where you spin up servers, configure them and then deploy your code, in serverless applications, you don’t manage any servers! Instead, you only provide your code and define when it should get executed. Done!

how to deploy your web app in a serverless manner.

So if you are interested to start with Serverless concepts of cloud, google app engine (GAE), google cloud run (GCR), google cloud functions (GCF), Kubernetes, google Kubernetes engine (GKE), docker, scheduler, google sdk usage, google cloud shell, google cloud serverless containers, serverless architecture, serverless computing, serverless microservices, serverless application model, serverless web application this is the course specially designed to cover the model and provide basic/intermediate skills for starting with the serverless model.

After finishing the course, you’ll be able to easily implement the serverless framework for web/mobile applications.

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