Full Google Workspace Automation – Apps Script

Robotic Process Automation, Google Apps Script, Google Sheets, Google Docs, Mail Merge, Document Generator


Welcome to full google workspace automation through apps script course. In this course you will learn to Create, Integrate and finally automate different services offered within the google workspace ecosystem. Apps Script is Google’s cloud native wrapper around Javascript that lets you do wonderful things easily – increasing your productivity and efficiency.

With detailed documentation and community support apps script is surely the best choice for robotic process automation in google workspaces. You can create files, integrate different services, build web applications, and automate all repetitive tasks with fairly less coding experience.

The course is designed to expose you step by step to different apps script functionalities and best practices. Within this course, you will learn how to set up apps script projects, automate google sheets, google forms, documents, drive and lastly GMail all doing so while building real world productivity tools. This course should take you approximately 7-8 hours to finish and is packed with code samples, live examples and mini exercises.

While creating this course we made sure that anyone who is interested in learning robotic process automation will find this course useful. Although app scripts is native to google workspace, the concepts that you are expected to learn throughout this course are applicable to other ecosystems as well.

So, If you are a student having an interest in RPA, or a professional working in an enterprise that uses google workspace, or an entrepreneur running your own startup this course will help you solve a lot of your problems driving productivity.

The only prerequisite for the course is beginner level exposure to web technologies primarily Javascript. This course shall also create ample opportunities to hone your javascript skills and data structures. Hope, you learn something new and are able to apply these learnings in your journey.

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