Forex in Investment Banking Operations – Beginners

Learn about financial markets and understand the markets from the very basics


Foreign Exchange refers to foreign exchange market where one currency is exchanged for another. Foreign exchange is a decentralized market for the currencies trading which includes buying and selling of currencies at determined prices or current prices. The main participants in this type of markets is large financial institutions and large international banks. This course will guide you everything in detail about the foreign exchange, i.e. its history, its importance, its usage, how trading became easy due to foreign exchange market, different forms of currencies how they are exchanged and various other concepts you will be learning through this course.

In simple terms, Forex Trading means to deal in currencies. To buy and sell in any currency for any purpose is termed as Forex Trading. Such dealing may be either for hedging, for speculation, or for fulfilling the transaction exposure. Globally, the forex market is the most liquid. This market can give a huge return with a very low margin, however, this is one of the riskiest markets.

The foreign exchange market is the most traded financial market in the world. To trade in the FX market is highly challenging where returns above average are available to educate and experienced investors who are willing to take above average risk.

All instrument of investment involves some of the other risks. Each risk is having a different magnitude and has its way of tackling. Hence, if you are thinking to trade in this market, you should learn the risks associated with it, so you can make a wise decision before investing. Major risks that are associated with the Forex Trading are as follows:

  • The market may move against you

  • You may lose your complete investment

  • You are relying on the credit and reputation of the Bank/financial institution with which you are trading

  • There is no Central market place

  • High chances of volatility or fraud etc.

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