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Flutter bloc is one of the state management for Flutter applications. You can use it to handle all the possible states of your application in an easy way.

Flutter bloc is simple to use because you and your team are going to understand the concept quickly, no matter what is your level, this library has very good documentation with tons of examples and also, is one of the most used in the flutter community, so if you have any question or problem you probably are going to find the solution with a simple search on the internet.

Is powerful because is going to help you to create all kinds of applications, you can create applications for learning purposes for example, and also you can create complex applications in a production environment and flutter bloc is valid in both cases.

Another important aspect of this library is that you could test your bloc logic in an easy way.

To understand how bloc works, we need to know what are events and states.

  • Events: events are an application’s inputs (like button_press to load images, text inputs, or any other user input that our app may hope to receive).

  • States: States are simply the application’s state, which can be changed in response to the event received.

Bloc manages these events and states, i.e., it takes a stream of Events and transforms them into a stream of States as output.

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