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While many of us spend too much time in the day sitting we do not realize how this is injuring our bodies. Stretching every day can stop the premature effects of prolonged sitting. Fit and Flexible stretching course is made up of three full length stretching sequences; Standing, on the mat and with a chair to build back your flexibility. Each sequence has twelve to fourteen simple postures to learn. The focus of this course isn’t about learning difficult postures but to integrate these simple easy postures into your daily life so that will make lasting changes to your body. These stretches are easy for beginners with suggested progressions that are also good for intermediate students.  This could be a good reminder for the more advanced students who aren’t stretching.  To support these three sequences each individual stretch is included in a separate video of 3-7 minutes so that you learn the stretch well and the shorter videos are good for when you have less time in the day to stretch. Included is a written description with instructions  on how to execute the stretch properly. If you have any doubts about any stretch please consult your doctor and remember that lasting change happens when you practice every day.

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