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Elevate your capabilities exponentially in FEA Simulation by the FINITE ELEMENT METHOD (FEM) with Real World Examples


Welcome to the Finite Element Analysis World!

Let me first congratulate you to be interested in this amazing field which will empower your professional career to the next level.

After my years of experience, I have could experience all the benefits for different industries when they use the Finite Element Method (FEM) during the development process.

They produce better and efficient designs that means saving time and, the most important, saving MONEY.

As the demand of FEA professionals is continuously increasing, we need to encourage people to join us in this field.

For that, this course is designed to take you from a complete beginner in FEA to a confident simulation professional, equipped with all the essential skills.

You’ll learn how to define comprehensive simulation models using the most commonly used finite elements: SOLIDS, SHELLS, and BEAMS.

Throughout the course, you will master the following techniques:

  • GEOMETRY OPTIMIZATION for simulations

    • How important is to have a correct and efficient model to obtain accurate results saving computational cost.

    • Understanding what is necessary for your simulation.

  • Customize your own MATERIALS LIBRARY

    • Today, FEA software offers a great range of materials to use in our simulations

    • To go one step further I will guide you to have your own customized material library to be available for your projects.

  • Applying BOUNDARY CONDITIONS effectively.

    • Understanding each problem to define the correct Fixtures and External Loads is an essential step.

    • It’s a big responsibility from our side to define correctly the BC to obtain a correct behavior of our models.

    • And doing this, we will be able to guarantee the correct behavior of the physic problem in the reality.

  • MESHING. How to create an accurate and appropriate mesh for your models.

    • This step is crucial in a Finite Element Analysis

    • Here we will understand what it means to use the Finite Element Method and how the differential equations are solved by the Method.

    • To have accurate results, we need to take care about the mesh of our model.

    • I will guide you to define what type of mesh is most efficient in each project depending of the necessities in each case.

  • RUNNING thorough analyses

    • Understanding the solver that we are using; we can guarantee the efficiently of the simulation and the accuracy of the results.

    • We will deep into detail of the particularities of each one.

  • Conducting comprehensive RESULT EVALUATIONS

    • Once we have prepared our model with care, we need to understand the results that the software is showing us.

    • We need to have the knowledge to believe in our results.

    • To do that we will review tool and I will give tips to assure a good postprocess of your models.

Ok, that sounds great


what sets this course apart?

I will guide to simulate not just simple components.

I want you to practice with examples based on REAL SCENARIOS.

This means you’ll easily internalize the concepts and gain practical understanding.

We will go into detail on each project analyzing the particularities of each one and thus choosing the finite elements (solids, shells or beams) that best suits its modelling.

This hands-on experience will significantly enhance your knowledge. Based on my years of experience, I can assure you that tackling real problems is the fastest way to learn and grow.

All this for you to get the most out of this training and can soon join the FEA professionals who make the designs, that we will see tomorrow, better and much more efficient.


Get ready to unlock your FEA potential and start simulating your own designs with confidence.

I will guide you to assure you that confidence!

See you inside!

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