Exploring Mindfulness in Photography

Mastering Mindful Photography: Explore, Create, Connect


Welcome to “Exploring Mindfulness in Photography”. This course teaches mindfulness in photography for creativity and meaningful photographs.

By the end of the course:

  • This course is intended for photography enthusiasts, regardless of their level of experience, who are eager to explore the profound connection between mindfulness and photography. Whether you’re a beginner looking to grasp the fundamentals of both photography and mindfulness or an experienced photographer seeking to infuse your practice with deeper meaning and creativity, this course is for you.

  • If you’re someone who values self-reflection, personal growth, and finding beauty in the present moment, you’ll find immense value in learning how to integrate mindfulness practices into your photography journey. This course is perfect for individuals who are passionate about capturing the beauty of the world around them and want to do so with greater awareness, intention, and artistic expression.

  • Additionally, if you’re interested in using photography as a tool for self-care, stress reduction, and promoting mental well-being, this course will provide you with practical techniques and insights to enhance your photography practice while nurturing your inner self.

  • Whether you’re a nature lover, a creative soul, or someone simply seeking inspiration and mindfulness in your daily life, this course will empower you to see the world through a new lens and cultivate a deeper connection with both your photography and yourself.

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Sale PriceFree
Number of lectures38
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Instructor NameMitch Houlston

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