DevOps Foundation : Fundamentals to start a DevOps career

Explore the principles, values, benefits and practices that underpin DevOps prepare Exin DevOps Foundation certification


Embark on Your DevOps Journey: A Comprehensive and Exam-Focused Training

This meticulously designed and exam-oriented training has empowered countless students, both in face-to-face and online sessions, to grasp the intricacies of DevOps, open doors to promising career opportunities in the field, and attain their DevOps Foundation certification from EXIN with remarkable success. With a 98% exam pass rate, this training stands as a testament to its effectiveness.

This Comprehensive Course Equips You with:

  • A comprehensive understanding of DevOps fundamentals and its origins

  • A clear understanding of the DevOps movement, its objectives, and associated vocabulary

  • Insights into the business benefits of DevOps implementation

  • An awareness of the challenges faced by DevOps professionals

  • A solid foundation in Lean, Agile, and ITSM principles for effective DevOps practices

  • A mastery of DevOps values, principles, and best practices

  • The ability to navigate organizational and cultural shifts to embrace DevOps

  • A mastery of the DevOps applicability

  • An overview of essential DevOps automation tools

  • Thorough assessments of your learning through quizzes at the end of each chapter

  • Real-world exercises to apply your knowledge and develop practical skills

  • Printable PDF training material in English for convenient preparation

  • Mock exams to simulate the actual certification exam and enhance your readiness

Special Note:

This training focuses on the foundational aspects of DevOps, including its principles, practices, and cultural implications. It does not delve into specific DevOps tools like Terraform, Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes, Docker, GIT, Chief, Puppet, and others. These tools are covered in advanced DevOps training modules.

Embrace the Transformative Power of DevOps and Embark on a Successful Career Path

This training is your gateway to mastering DevOps, unlocking promising career opportunities, and achieving your DevOps Foundation certification with confidence.

Share this course with your network and empower them to embark on their DevOps journey!

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Original Price($)3499
Sale PriceFree
Number of lectures76
Number of quizzes5
Total Reviews31
Global Rating5
Instructor NameSanad Academy

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