Master Course : Event Planning and Event Management 2.0

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Master course in event planning and event management 2.0

Event planners organize everything from business conventions to weddings to educational conferences. Each detail of the event is tailored to the client’s needs. Transportation, meeting locations, food service, lodging, and other services like photography and videography may be arranged by vendors.

Can you tell me what an event planner does?

From idea conception to programming and day-of logistics, an event planner is responsible for everything related to an event. In event planning, you’re responsible for bringing visions to life and creating experiences.

You’ll be meeting with clients, scouting locations, soliciting bids, managing vendor relationships, negotiating contracts, and managing budgets. You’ll also set and manage clients’ and vendors’ expectations. You have to be strong to do it.

The definition of event management is:

The goal of event management is to organize a focused event for a target audience to achieve a goal.

In addition to technical skills, event managers are also creative and logistical experts. Event managers first identify the audience of each event and go out of their way to understand your brand and budget, whether it’s a trade show, product launch, wedding, cocktail party, awards ceremony or sit-down gala dinner.

There are lot of event management businesses :

Party Planning

Wedding Planning

Personal Networking

Sports Management

Balloon Decoration


Business Branding

Business Budgeting

Facility Management

Personal Branding

Floral Design

Brand Management


Balloon Art

Team Building

Here are the 5 major topics I’d like to cover in this master’s:

1. Introduction and importance of event planning and event management 2.0

2. Types and stages of event planning and event management business benefits

3. Event management business ideas and a Event management business plan

4. Event management business budget planning, event planning Vs event management Vs event marketing

5. How to start an effective event management business, how to become an event planner

6. Event Management in Hospitality and Tourism Sector

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