Beyond Profit: ESG Basics for a Sustainable Future

An Introduction to ESG for Corporations and Investors


  • In the last few years, corporations’ Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) performance has been a trendy topic.

  • While traditional financial analysis has always considered various financial indicators, like revenues, liabilities, cash, inventory, machinery, and competitors, ESG, however, refers to additional non-financial information about companies.

  • Following the emergence of ESG, a new type of investment called ESG investment was born.

  • ESG investment is an investment philosophy that pursues long-term value growth, and it is a comprehensive, concrete, and down-to-earth governance method.

  • In this course, we will discover ESG essentials for corporations and investors through the following plan:

01 Introduction & Context

02 What is ESG?

03 Why is ESG Important for Corporations & Investors?

04 How is ESG Evaluated?

05 What is ESG Investment?

06 What are ESG Investment Strategies?

07 What are ESG Investment Challenges?

08 Example of ESG Investment: Norwegian Pension Fund

09 Conclusion & References

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