Master Course in Employee Performance Management 2.0

Employee Performance Management, Employee onboarding, Employee orientation, Employee engagement, performance appraisal


Master course in employee performance management 2.0

Why do we need Performance Management?

The process or system of measuring and improving performance within an organization is performance management. Typically, performance management is used to monitor individual performance, but it can also be used to monitor performance at an organizational and departmental level. There are a few common elements to a performance management system:

A performance review, a manager-to-manager meeting, peer feedback, a performance improvement program, goal-setting, tracking, rewards and recognition

Typically, managers track and develop their team members’ performance and then report to their higher leadership team. Employees used to get annual performance reviews as part of the performance management process. In recent years, research has shown that frequent feedback is more effective than annual reviews, so many companies have dropped the annual review model for regular manager check-ins and informal feedback sessions. By making small adjustments over time instead of trying to make one big course correction at the end of the year, this type of performance management can help employees understand and align with company goals and objectives.

In this master course I would like to teach the 5 major topics.

1. Introduction and importance of employee performance management 2.0

2. Employee onboarding, orientation and performance appraisal

3. Strategies for employee retention in human resource development

4. How to measure and improve employee performance in a hybrid world?

5. A step-by-step guide to effective employee performance management

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