The Art of Emotional Intelligence at work

The Art of Successful Management and Interaction


The course “Developing Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace” aims to strengthen participants’ emotional intelligence skills, with an emphasis on developing these skills for the professional field. During the course, participants explore the different aspects of emotional intelligence and practical strategies for improving them in the workplace.

Course Structure:

1. Introduction to Emotional Intelligence:

Definition and meaning of emotional intelligence.

Relationships with professional performance and managerial ability.

2. The Elements of Emotional Intelligence:

Recognition of emotions.

Self-awareness and self-management.

Active listening and communication.

3. Applications in the Workplace:

Managing stress and pressure.

Creating a positive work environment.

Conflict resolution and negotiation.

4. Developing Skills:

Self-awareness and self-management exercises.

Role of affective meaning in leadership and management.

5. Exercises and Applications:

Group activities to enhance emotional intelligence.

Personal analyzes and goals for skill development.

Conclusion: The course was designed to equip participants with the necessary skills to face challenges in their workplace and to achieve success in their professional careers. Through exercises, practical examples and analysis of personal goals, participants are empowered to apply the principles of emotional intelligence in their daily life and work.

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