Effective Business Communication through Academic Literacy

How to communicate in business effectively using visuals and developed academic literacy skills


Course Description:


This course focuses on developing the skills necessary for effective business communication by leveraging academic literacy. Participants will learn how to articulate ideas clearly, construct logical arguments, and present information in a professional and academic context.


  • To enhance communication skills for professional settings.

  • To develop academic literacy skills that support clear and effective business communication.

  • To apply academic writing and speaking strategies to business scenarios.

Key Topics:

  1. Fundamentals of Business Communication:

    • Principles of effective communication

    • Understanding your audience

    • Formal vs. informal communication

  2. Academic Literacy Skills:

    • Critical reading and comprehension

    • Synthesizing information from multiple sources

    • Structuring essays and reports

  3. Writing for Business:

    • Crafting professional emails and letters

    • Writing reports and proposals

    • Effective use of language and tone

  4. Speaking and Presentation Skills:

    • Public speaking techniques

    • Presenting data and findings

    • Engaging your audience

  5. The Language of Effect:

    • Describing impact and outcomes

    • Using cause and effect language

    • Practical applications in reports and presentations

  6. Problem and Solution Frameworks:

    • Identifying and articulating problems

    • Proposing and presenting solutions

    • Logical reasoning and evidence-based arguments

  7. Giving and Receiving Advice:

    • Constructive feedback techniques

    • Empathetic and supportive communication

    • Handling reactions and encouraging dialogue

  8. Describing Graphs and Charts:

    • Types of visual data representations

    • Interpreting and explaining data

    • Visual aids in presentations

  9. Instructions, Procedures, and Recounts:

    • Writing clear and concise instructions

    • Documenting procedures

    • Structuring recounts for clarity and impact

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Communicate effectively in business settings.

  • Apply academic literacy skills to enhance clarity and professionalism in business communication.

  • Write and present information in a structured and persuasive manner.

  • Use critical thinking to solve problems and propose solutions.

  • Provide and receive feedback constructively.

Target Audience:

This course is ideal for professionals, managers, educators, and anyone seeking to improve their business communication skills through the application of academic literacy.

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