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IIBA ECBA Mastery: Ultimate ECBA Exam Prep Tests+Guide 2023

Join hundreds of successful students who have aced the IIBA ECBA exam with this comprehensive and top-rated course on Udemy!

International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) –  Entry Certificate in Business Analysis (ECBA) for Business Analysts

Welcome to our comprehensive practice test course designed for IIBA ECBA aspirants. This course is structured to give you the most realistic and exam-like experience with a variety of question types across all knowledge areas.

This course is composed of 400+ questions divided into six practice tests:

  1. ECBA Assessment- Comprehensive Review 1, 100+ questions

  2. ECBA Assessment- Comprehensive Review 2, 75+ questions

  3. ECBA Assessment- Comprehensive Review 3, 75+ questions

  4. ECBA Mock Exam – Simulation Test 1, 50 questions

  5. ECBA Mock Exam – Simulation Test 2, 50 questions

  6. ECBA Mock Exam – Simulation Test 3, 50 questions

The questions in these tests have been prepared based on the IIBA BABOK v3 and are updated to include changes made in 2021.

The first three tests are assessment tests, designed to measure your current knowledge level and identify your strengths and weaknesses. The remaining three are mock exam simulations, mirroring the IIBA ECBA exam blueprint in terms of subject proportions and question types.

ECBA Exam Blueprint Knowledge Areas (KA) % of Questions per KA

1. Business analysis planning and monitoring 5%

2. Elicitation and collaboration 20%

3. Requirements life cycle management 20%

4. Requirements analysis and design definition 25%

5. Business analysis knowledge 30%

• Business analysis and the BA professional 2.5%

• Business analysis key concepts 5%

• Underlying competencies 5%

• Techniques 17.5%

After completing the tests, during the review stage, you will not only find the correct answers to each question but also detailed explanations that will help you complete your knowledge and gain new insights. The additional information provided includes the specific knowledge area and subtopic within the BABOK v3 where detailed explanations can be found. Furthermore, some questions also include explanations for the incorrect options, helping you understand the reasoning behind them.

Whether you are just starting your ECBA exam preparation or you’re in the review stage, this course caters to your needs. If you are not sure where to start, the assessment tests can help identify the areas you need to focus on. Once you are ready, the simulation tests provide a real-exam environment to test your readiness.

Each of the six tests comes with detailed explanations and study recommendations, making this course not just a set of example questions, but a comprehensive study guide.

Please note:

  • These questions are NOT official questions from IIBA. However, they are comparable to an examination in terms of formulation, difficulty, and covered subjects.

  • The number of questions, as well as, the available time, correspond to the “official examination.”

  • This course does NOT include videos.

  • Udemy DOES NOT provide a certificate of completion upon completion of this course, because it is a Mock Exam.

Join us in this practice course and take one step closer to acing your ECBA 2023 examination!

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