EC-Council ICS/SCADA Cyber Security Certification

Prepare for EC-Council ICS/SCADA Cyber Security Certification exam. 200+ high quality practice test questions


These practice questions prepare you for the EC-Council ICS/SCADA Cyber Security Certification. The questions have been prepared from the latest 2024 official curriculum of EC-Council. The questions have been developed based on the exam experience. These questions will help you prepare, provide you confidence and pass the certification easily. The pass marks of EC-Council ICS/SCADA Cybersecurity Certification is 70%.

About the Certification:

Due to the potential impact of an attack on the physical safety of communities, employees or customers, ICS/SCADA security is an even higher priority than for traditional IT systems. Cyber criminals have already developed malware threats such as Triton/TRISIS and Stuxnet that can disrupt industrial Operation Technology (OT).

EC-Council ICS/SCADA Cybersecurity Certification is designed for OT/IT professionals who manage or direct their organization’s OT infrastructure and are responsible for establishing and maintaining information policies, practices and procedures.

EC-Council official curriculum covers 8 domains. These domains are:-

  • Domain 1: Introduction to ICS/SCADA Network Defense (16%)

  • Domain 2: TCP/IP 101 (14%)

  • Domain 3: Introduction to Hacking (16%)

  • Domain 4: Vulnerability Management (13%)

  • Domain 5: Standards and Regulation for Cybersecurity (6%)

  • Domain 6: Securing the ICS/SCADA Network  (16%)

  • Domain 7: Bridging the Air Gap (6%)

  • Domain 8: Introduction to Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS)  (13%)

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