End to End automation testing with Cypress

An next generation non-selenium based automation testing tool – Updated 2023 with v13.0


In this course End to End automation testing with Cypress we will discuss a complete working/understanding and hands-on testing of applications using Cypress

Course UPDATED in Sep 2023 with the latest version v13

This comprehensive course delves into various topics, providing in-depth knowledge and practical skills in Cypress, a powerful testing framework. Throughout the course, you will cover the following:

  • UI automation testing for web-based applications using Chrome/Electron/Chromium and Firefox.

  • A thorough understanding of the Cypress test runner, enabling efficient and effective test execution.

  • API testing with Cypress, allowing you to validate and verify the functionality of web APIs.

  • XHR testing to examine the XMLHTTPResponse of any website.

  • Behavioral-driven development testing with Cucumber.js integration, leveraging Cypress plugins.

  • Complete comprehension of various Cypress commands for seamless test creation and execution.

  • Parallel test execution with Cypress Cloud, enabling efficient testing on multiple fronts.

  • Docker container utilization for Cypress test execution, facilitating a streamlined and reproducible testing environment.

  • Page Object Model support in Cypress, promoting modular and maintainable test code.

  • Cypress integration with XPath plugins, expanding the capabilities of element selection and manipulation.

  • Debugging with Cypress via Chrome Dev Tools, aiding in troubleshooting and issue resolution.

  • Visual testing with Percy, allowing for visual regression testing to ensure consistent UI appearance.

  • Mochawesome reporting with Cypress, generating detailed and insightful test reports.

  • CI/CD integration of Cypress with Jenkins, enabling seamless test automation in continuous integration workflows.

  • Cross-browser testing support of Cypress, ensuring compatibility and consistent behavior across different browsers.

  • CI/CD integration of Cypress with GitHub Actions, facilitating automated testing in GitHub workflows.

  • Cypress Studio, is a visual testing tool for creating tests without writing code.

  • Network stubbing and mocking with Cypress, enabling realistic and controlled testing of network interactions.

  • Component testing with Cypress to isolate and test UI components.

By the end of this course, you will possess a comprehensive understanding of Cypress, starting from the fundamentals and progressing to advanced topics, equipping you with the skills necessary to excel in Cypress test automation.

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