Doing Math with Python

Use Programming to Explore Algebra, Statistices, Calculus and More!


With this course, we’ll go through the nice book “Doing Math with Python” (authored by Amit Saha) in full detail, demo to you every touched mathematical topics, like

  • manipulating units of measurement;

  • examining projectile motion;

  • calculating mean, median, and mode;

  • determining linear correlation;

  • solving algebraic equations;

  • describing the motion of a simple pendulum;

  • simulating dice games;

  • creating geometric shapes;

  • and finding the limits, derivatives, and integrals of functions.

After the course, you’ll be able write programes to take numbers and formulas as input, do the tedious calculations needed, and then spit out the solution or draw a graph.

You’ll have chances to follow several programming challenges, you’ll find those programs are powerful calculators for solving math problems. You’ll also find the solutions to equations, calculate the correlation between sets of data, and determine the maximum value of a function, among other tasks. You’ll also take some practice to simulate real-life events, such as projectile motions, a coin toss, or a die roll.

As mentioned by the book author, I do hope “you’ll find that this new context for ‘doing math’ makes learning both programming and math more exciting, fun, and rewarding.”

So, what you’re still waitomg fpr? Let’s start now and good luck!

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