Django 5: Build a Learning management System (LMS) PART1

Learn Django from scratch by Building a fully functional Learning management System with multiple Payment Gateways.


Are you ready to take your Python Django web applications to the next level? In this course, you will learn how to build an advanced course or learning management system from scratch, so even if you are a beginner in Django, then do not worry, this course will take you step by step and make you a master working with Django and JavaScript, among many other tools we will use throughout the course.

We’re going to teach you the newest things for making awesome web apps with Python 3 and the latest Django version. But This course is like a toolkit that has everything you need. Whenever you’re starting your adventure as a web developer, you can come back here for answers.

Below are some features of the system we will be building in this course

  • This system is a web based responsive application that includes an online learning management system.

  • Fully responsive: High-quality responsive design makes the content accessible on different devices.

  • YouTube Video Support can use video upload, (AWS S3, Vimeo coming soon) YouTube video links as course parts so they could be used as free and safe video storage.

  • Staff & permissions: Create staff for different departments with specific access levels. Role Management system for various admin and staff in admin panel.

  • Forget password: Forget password using Email Verification.

  • Professional admin panel: Everything is under your control in the beautiful admin panel. There are many accessibilities, reports, and lists that are based on functionalities.

  • Automatic logout after x duration time inactive.

  • Add Unlimited Level of category.

  • Student dashboard course filter and search.

  • User Management (Role based).

  • PayPal payment gateway module compatible (Pay via Balance, Credit and Card Payment).

  • Admin enroll a student directly to a course.

  • Admin to create courses & assign it to instructors.

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