c# design patterns

This course teaches you Design pattern by using C#


The best way to learn design pattern is by doing a project. If you learn something with a project you learn quickly and you learn to the point. So in this training series we have started with 10 labs which completes a customer data entry screen and implements some important patterns like Factory , Repository , Unit of work , Decorator , Iterator , Mediator and so on.

One of the shortcomings of learning with a project is you can not implement all design patterns in one project. So to cover them i have also created individual videos for each design pattern. These specific videos goes more in-depth in to those individual design pattern videos.

In this syllabus i have also stressed on architectural concepts like DI , IOC , SOLID principles , Micro services architecture and so on.

Below is a the full syllabus of this course :-
Lab 1: – Project kick start with requirement , planning and initial coding(Factory pattern,Lazy Pattern and RIP Pattern).
Lab 2: – Unity,  Strategy, IOC, SRP and SOC.
Lab 3: – Template pattern and Repository pattern with ADO.NET.
Lab 4: – Adapter Pattern and Repository with EF
Lab 5: – UOW(Unit of Work)
Lab 6: – Decorator Pattern
Lab 7: – Iterator Pattern
Lab 8: – Prototype and Memento Pattern
Lab 9: – Implementing complex object creation using Factory Method
Lab 10: – Implementing NULL design pattern and Mediator pattern.
Explain SOLID?
Factory pattern and Abstract Factory Pattern
Builder Pattern
Prototype Pattern
Singleton Pattern
Adapter Pattern
Bridge Pattern
Composite Pattern
Decorator Pattern
Facade Pattern
Flyweight Pattern
Proxy Pattern
Mediator Pattern
Memento Pattern
Interpreter Pattern
Iterator Pattern
COR Pattern
Command Pattern
State Pattern
Strategy Pattern
Observer Pattern
Template Pattern
Visitor Pattern
Explain IOC(Inversion of Control)?
Dependency Injection
Fluent interface and method chaining
Lazy Loading
Explain RIP(Replace IF with Polymorphism) Pattern?
Immutable object design pattern
Explain Null Design Pattern and its usage.
What is Microservices Architecture?

Happy learning.

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