Design Landscape with Revit

Design Landscape with Revit: Useful tips and techniques from Site tools (topography)


• Is the slope of the land always a problem for you to design your building?

Has the topography of the land been a challenge for you while designing the landscape and urban space?

Is it important for the employer to calculate the amount of soil excavation/earthworks and their cost?

Landscape design in Revit software is one of the most challenging parts for architects and landscape design specialists, because there are not many tools for this specialty in Revit software, and most modeling must be created manually, Dynamo, etc.

In this course, in addition to fully learning all the site’s tools and making professional profiles for topography, you can easily design a professional landscape using the Environment for Revit plugin based on artificial intelligence. Using this plugin, you can create urban infrastructure or landscape design based on the BIM process in cooperation with Civil3D.

Also, nowadays the use of Point Cloud technology has increased a lot. Therefore, Environment for Revit allows you to convert a topography click taken with Point Cloud in the view environment to topography.

Topics covered in this course include:

• Being a professional in Landscape and Topography modeling.

• How to use Site tools in Revit

• Modeling Topography based on AutoCAD and 3D Max files.

• Learning topography based on geographic location with Formit

• Topographical techniques for landscape architects and urban designers

• Modeling Site Families in the Revit

• Learning the Environment plug-in

• The power of landscape architects with the Environment plug-in

By the end of this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge to effectively create Landscape and topography. Enroll now and take the first step towards becoming a Landscape designer expert. Feel free to ask me any questions while watching this course.

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