Oxford Diploma: Death, Grief, Healing in depth (March 2024)

15 courses on Death, Grief, Bereavement and Healing – includes workbooks. TWO Instructors.


February 2024:

New sections:

  • Cows …and Depression

  • Twinless Grief


New: A workbook has been added to this course that covers the whole of September 2023 and beyond.

This is not a course to be rushed, one that is completed in a few hours or less. Grief is not like that – and neither is healing. This is a course to be worked through – at your own pace – learning, applying, sharing, developing and absorbing. whatever your reason for looking at this course, rest assured there is something here – probably a lot – that is for you.


This course comprises:

  • 77 hours of lectures on Grief, Bereavement and Death

  • 600+ lectures

  • Educational Announcements about Grief and Death

  • Numerous Grief, Death and Bereavement workbooks

  • A thriving Q/A where people post about grief and death – and healing

  • Regular updates/new lectures


Throughout the course the emphasis is on going slowly – at your own pace. Think about what you are seeing, hearing, feeling. Share if you wish – participation in the Q/A is encouraged – it is not just for Questions and Answers but suggestions, comments, thoughts.

Topics covered:

1. Death, Grief and Healing – in Ukraine (current August 2023) Note: this includes art therapy as a tool for dealing with death and grief

2. Instead of a workbook – a section where students evaluate and discuss – share their grief

3. Death and Grief in America

4. Distress Tolerance and Grief

5. Celebration of Life Service

6. Death – a religious viewpoint

7. Death – one person’s viewpoint

8. Thinking about death

9. Death – helping your parents grieve

10. Death, Grief and Healing – come, walk with me

11. Meditations to help you grieve

12. Teenagers and Grief

13. Pets and Grief

14. Is Covid still relevant? (Current January 2023)

15. Walking, talking, nature – all to help deal with Grief

16. Tips for different situations

17. End of life Doula

18. September Blues

19. Students’ questions

20 12 days of Christmas

21. Walking with Grief

Warning: there are elements of this course that you may find distressing as the material here is very current (August 2023). Remember though that although ‘death’ is in the title, so is ‘grief and healing’. The purpose of this course is to help you grieve – to help you heal. Meditations are included together with areas for you to carry out your own investigations.

Three detailed workbooks/journals are included plus numerous other resources.

UPDATE: This course now includes a Handbook on Death, Grief and Healing.


In the beginning there were five of us:

  • Peter – Instructor

  • Chris – Instructor

  • Stephen – Videographer

  • Leslie – Proof reader and overall advisor

  • Grace – audio

The course was launched in 2017. By then, sadly, Grace, Leslie and Peter had all passed away. Chris had had a stroke! So the original course – and all the many additions and updates – has within it plenty of grief and sadness!

Total Students4432
Original Price($)2499
Sale PriceFree
Number of lectures677
Number of quizzes0
Total Reviews312
Global Rating4.6764708
Instructor NameChris Sivewright

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