Death. One person’s perspective

What is it like to die?


This is a short course – less than 2 hours. BUT it has homework. It has Resources. There are areas of research, numerous short films (in which the Instructor stars) for you to watch. Plus articles to read, summarise, question and respond to – in the Q/A for this course.

So, in a sense it is a LONG course – certainly one that you should watch slowly, pausing, reflecting, maybe taking notes or putting to one side to return to later.

A course to remove fear and try to help with sadness – but also one to make you THINK.#

The course covers:

  • What IS ‘dying’?

  • What is it like to die?

  • Thought experiment

  • Does everyone die alone?

  • Do we have the right to end our own life?

This course is unique as the Instructor has appeared in many films about death; he also starred in major international films in the 1960s onwards, starring alongside Oliver Reed, Elizabeth Taylor and others.

There are also various exercises to do and articles to read (2024 and earlier) so, in some respects, the course is very very much up to date.

Note: the course now has a co-Instructor for reasons apparent in the early lectures so when you post (on a regular basis I hope!) in the Q/A it will only be one Instructor who replies.

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