DBT (Data Build Tool) from a Beginner to Expert

So This Course is About Teaching The DBT Framework for Data Engineers and Data Analysts for Building Data Warehouses


Data Build Tool is Becoming a Viral Tool Used Among Analysts and Data Engineers in Big corporations nowadays, especially with the fact that it’s in the center of all Modern Data Platforms like Data Warehouses and Lake-houses.

It’s become essential for these Career enthusiasts to be able to not only use it but also Master it in a Professional Context … so This Course is Designed from Scratch to help technical People unfold the tool with all its tips and tricks so that it can be Mastered … with Labs and demos to make sure that everyone is getting the hang of it.

we shall also mention some of the Most Important Tools that are built Only around DBT as being Part of the future to drive intelligence among Corporats, with lots of cool applications like governance and lineage graphs and Data Cataloging, and all of that is actually out of the box in DBT, Cool right!
just i would like to draw to your attention that, it’s kind of a MUST to know SQL, The Language of Analysts.

This course also has pretty advanced topics from Other areas, we shall mention them briefly, but it’s good to have skills like git and maybe docker along the way, that would actually come to use later, other than this … our Primary focus will be on DBT

So get started !, and I wish you a happy learning experience!

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