Databricks Certified Data Engineer Associate | 2024

Excel your upcoming Databricks Certified Data Engineer Associate Certification


The “Databricks Certified Data Engineer Associate” practice test is a comprehensive assessment tool designed to prepare candidates for the official Databricks certification exam. This practice test covers a wide range of topics essential for data engineers working with the Databricks platform and Apache Spark.

The exam questions simulate the depth and complexity of the actual certification test, focusing on key areas such as:

  1. Databricks workspace and notebook environments

  2. Data processing with Apache Spark and Spark SQL

  3. ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) operations and best practices

  4. Delta Lake architecture and ACID transactions

  5. Data pipeline design and implementation

  6. Performance optimization techniques for Spark jobs

  7. Integration with cloud storage and external data sources

  8. Databricks security features and access control

  9. Monitoring and troubleshooting Databricks clusters

  10. Best practices for collaborative development in Databricks

Candidates will encounter a variety of question formats, including multiple-choice, scenario-based problems, and hands-on coding challenges. These questions are crafted to test both theoretical knowledge and practical application skills, mirroring real-world scenarios faced by Databricks data engineers.

The practice test covers the latest features and updates in the Databricks ecosystem, ensuring that candidates are well-prepared for the current version of the certification exam. It also addresses important concepts in data lake management, stream processing, and machine learning integration within Databricks.

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Instructor NameSatyendra Kumar Sinha

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