AI and Data Literacy for Business Professionals (2024)

Data and Artificial Intelligence Literacy – From Core ML and Statistical Concepts to the Latest in AI in Simple Terms


Welcome to our Data and AI Literacy course, featuring 110 minutes of engaging content across 25 bite-sized videos, carefully crafted quizzes, and a complimentary 60-page AI and Data Literacy handbook ( so that you don’t have to take notes!)

This course is tailor-made for business professionals without a data science background, eager to enhance their AI and data literacy.

In today’s data-driven world, the ability to understand and leverage AI and data is no longer a luxury but a necessity for business professionals.

It covers foundational topics like Hypothesis Testing, Sampling Techniques, Distributions, Machine Learning Evaluation Metrics, and more.  Additionally, it addresses critical AI topics, including the principles of Responsible AI, Large Language Models, and more, ensuring you’re well-versed in the most current and essential aspects of AI.

This comprehensive approach empowers you to make informed decisions, be a valuable thought-partner to data teams, and maintain a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving job market landscape.

This course is packed with numerous practical examples to solidify your understanding, while intentionally avoiding complex math and coding, making it accessible and immediately applicable in your professional life.

Don’t miss this opportunity to become proficient in the languages of the today and the future – data and AI.

Total Students541
Original Price($)1799
Sale PriceFree
Number of lectures25
Number of quizzes7
Total Reviews54
Global Rating4.5375
Instructor NameShadi Balandeh, PhD

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