Cyber Security Simplified الامن السيبراني مبسطا

Cyber Security From Zero To Hero I want to encourage anyone contemplating a career in Cybersecurity to consider a career


كورس الامن السيبراني باللغة العربية كاملا ملخص لاربع كورسات عالمية

والعديد من المعلومات القيمة لن تجدها في محتوى اخر بحيث ستكون قادرا على بداية الطريق للتوجه السليم لمسار الامن السيبراني و خريطة بيانية لشق طريقك نحو عالم الاختراق 

I want to encourage anyone contemplating a career in computers to consider a career in computer security. I also want to encourage any budding hackers, especially those who might be struggling with the ethics of their knowledge, to pursue a career in computer security. I’ve made a good life fighting malicious hackers and their malware creations. I’ve been able to explore every single hacking interest I’ve had in an ethical and law-abiding way. So, too, do tens of thousands of others. Computer security is one of the hottest and best paying careers in any country. It has been very good to me, and it can be for you, too

The big push I want to make is for managers to get outside the mentality of relying on metrics from audits. We all have reasons for compliance and they can definitely help mature our programs, but they don’t always provide real world security for a company.our job is to test if the overall security program is working.

Vulnerabilities in Security not IT

Simulate Real World events

Live in a world of constant Red Team infections Challenge the system… Provide real data to prove security gaps.

Stay Tuned

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