How to Make Your Own Custom Fitness Workouts

Learn how to make your own effective workout in 2 weeks or less


The last fitness program you’ll ever need.

I’ve been there. Confused, overwhelmed, scattered, and feeling close to hopeless and desperate to find what is actually the “best” workout routine for me and which I should commit to. The problem is there are hundreds, if not MILLIONS of so called fitness “experts” or newbies who swear by this or that exercise challenge, whether it be the newest “beachbody 2.0” or “bootcamp intensive for skinny wimps” but which is actually the best for YOU and the results you want? And how can you trust anyone these days? That’s why I decided to study exercise science and become a certified personal trainer so you wouldn’t have to do the heavy lifting (no pun intended). I wanted to make a course that everyone could understand, apply, and get fitness results for.

What if an expert in the fitness industry guided you to make your own workout for your specific goals, needs, and wants? That were not only effective, but truly backed by exercise science? And not overwhelming, that a person with minimal fitness background could understand? This is why my course “Learn how to create your own workouts” was born.

A workout made for you, by you.

Design your own kick ass workout that are specific for YOUR goals, not an unqualified influencer or a random person on YouTube. Do you want to lose 10 pounds in X amount of time? Run a mile in under 8 minutes? Build muscle or get defined and toned? Whatever your fitness goals, this course has you covered. We’ll be going over the “4 P Pyramid Model” l I created that is based on exercise science, not fickle trends. With the “4 P Pyramid” model, you’ll learn the basic building blocks that helps you customize any workout to your needs, stay consistent, and crush your fitness goals.

Who am I?

Meet your personal trainer.

I’m on a mission to teach people how to make their own impactful workouts.

Hi, I’m Ana Navarro and as a certified personal trainer, I strive to better my clients in achieving their fitness goals. But realistically I and other personal trainers know we can only handle so many in-person and even online appointments. There are too many people who need help who can’t afford it and not enough personal trainers to go around. There are also people who prefer to do their workouts alone and in their own time, but don’t know where to start. Although there are enough workout programs offered online to circle the earth, they aren’t tailored to you or reliable. There are millions who need the benefits of working out and my mission is to guide the motivated and ready learn the basic building blocks of proper workout design, implementation, and goals without having to be a fitness professional. I teach the fundamentals using my own model called the “4 P Pyramid Model” that’s user-friendly, made for beginners, and created so you can start making workouts right away. It’s time to create workouts that work for you (not against you!), your goals, and that can make lasting change. So get started today, what are you waiting for? Let’s create your custom workout together!

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