Creating Models and Generating Code with MATLAB/SIMULINK

Model-based development Tutorial


In this comprehensive course on Model-Based Development (MBD), participants will embark on a journey to explore the principles, applications, and methodologies of MBD using MATLAB/Simulink. Through a combination of theoretical lectures, practical demonstrations, and hands-on exercises, participants will gain a deep understanding of MBD concepts and techniques, equipping them with the skills needed to excel in modern engineering practices.

The course begins by defining and explaining the fundamentals of Model-Based Development (MBD), including its significance in engineering design, development, and testing processes. Participants will learn how MBD enables the creation of dynamic system models that serve as the foundation for developing and validating complex control algorithms and embedded software.

Throughout the course, participants will have the opportunity to witness MBD in action through Simulink demonstrations and hands-on code generation exercises. These practical sessions will provide participants with valuable insights into the practical application of MBD principles, allowing them to understand how to effectively design, simulate, and generate code for real-world engineering systems.

Additionally, the course will delve into the integration of MBD within the V-Model framework, emphasizing the importance of rigorous testing methodologies in ensuring the reliability and robustness of developed systems. Participants will explore testing methodologies such as Software in the Loop (SIL) and Model-In-The-Loop (MIL) integration, learning how these techniques facilitate comprehensive system validation and verification throughout the development lifecycle.

By the end of this course, participants will have developed a solid foundation in Model-Based Development, equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to leverage MATLAB/Simulink for designing and implementing complex engineering systems. Whether you’re a seasoned engineer looking to expand your skill set or a newcomer to the field, this course offers a valuable opportunity to enhance your expertise and excel in the dynamic world of engineering.

Join us on this journey of exploration and discovery as we unlock the power of Model-Based Development together.

Let’s dive in and redefine the future of engineering.

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