Creating a Stylized Horror Character in Maya 2022

Laern to master the art of 3D Modelling, Texturing, Lighting and Rendering in Maya and using Photoshop for texturing


You will begin by getting familiar with the Maya interface. Then you will learn some of the basic concepts and modelling tools inside of Maya. It is important to learn how to navigate the camera and how to select objects.

Next, you will begin the modelling process. This is a human character so you will learn how to model the head, eyes, mouth, teeth, tongue, and the rest of the body, like the arms, hands, and legs. You will learn the importance of topology and how to get the topological workflow right to achieve a great looking result.

Then we will move to the UV mapping process. This is an important step in the 3D model creaton, as creating UV maps will allow you to paint textures and plug these texture maps into the model. The texturing process will be done in Photoshop.

Then we will go back into Maya, and you will learn how to plug the texture maps into the 3D models using shaders from Maya’s Hypershade menu.

Finally, we will create a background, and set up a camera, which will enable us to render the character. You will also learn and understand the concept of how lights work in Maya, and how to use these lights to create a great looking scene. And finally, you will learn how to render out the final render to give yourself a gorgeous looking render.

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