Creating a Gundam Character in Maya 2022

Master Professional Modelling Techniques to Create a Space Gundam Character in Maya


This one’s epic, folks! Over 30 hours of pure 3D awesomeness! I will take you on your amazing 3D journey on how to create a Gundam robot character from those classic Japanese cartoon shows.

You will learn how to model the head, the helmet and all the details on it, then the body, the arms, the legs — in fact the entire thing! And then how to model the weapons.

You will master the most common modelling tools. How to use the various options, and shortcuts. You will master the Multi-Cut Tool, the Bevel Tool, the Mirror Tool, and how to master component selections.

You will learn all about topology and resolution. What makes great topology, and how to fix bad topology. You will earn how to create quadrangulated geometry – that is, 4-sided geometry.

You will learn how to work in low resolution level, and how to increase the geometry to high resolution. You will understand how adding holding edge loops creates sharper edges for your models.

You will learn how to delete history, how to center the pivot, and how to freeze transformations — very important aspects in 3D modelling.

Finally, you will get to pose the character to make him look interesting and exciting. A big part of modelling is presentation, so therefore it is very important that your model looks like it has personality.

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