Create Notification/Alert solution in 7 days

Create a notification solution that delivers messages, alerts and reminders to customers in their preferred language


A complete notification solution encompasses various components and functionalities to effectively deliver messages, alerts, updates, and reminders to customers across different platforms and devices.

This course is designed for beginners or experts who would like to learn step by step on how to create a notification system. In any industry, continuous communication to the customers is a key. It is important to keep your customer informed to ensure better customer satisfaction.

Business Use Case

  1. School Management System – Send new students to the admission officer.

  2. Doctors Office – Send new patients/ referral list.

  3. Insurance Company – Send invoices/ quotation to new members.

  4. Job Application – Send instant messages/email as the application changes status such as New Applicants, Short-listed, Called for Interview etc.

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Create a complete notification system

  • Support for delivering notifications through multiple channels such as text messages or emails

  • Communicate to customer in their native/preferred language to foster trust and credibility

  • Support for rich media content such as images, videos, GIFs and interactive elements

  • Work for any industry or for yourself as a side hustle.

Real-World Project

You will have the opportunity to create a Patient Post-Visit Follow-up tool for a KGM Medical Center.

Patient post-visit follow-up tool generates the customized email content based on the preferred language, processes and sends the email to patients.

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