Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) with Python using guizero

Learn Python GUI programming using guizero library


The “guizero” Python library started with the belief that there must be an easier way for students in school to create Python GUIs.

The library itself was born one day on a long training from Cambridge, as the side project of a secondary school teacher.

This course, base on the great book “Create GUI with Python” which was authored by Laura Sach and Martin O’Hanlon, aims to provide you thorough going through the content along with the practical demo, from the course you’ll get the hands-on experience for mastering the book and be confident of making Python GUI-based programs.

Contents of this course starts from introduction the GUI (chapter 1), then go to the base App (chapter 2), and variable widgets (chapter 3 and chapter 4), demo the good and bad GUI (chapter 5), then move to certain practical programming (chapter 6 to chapter 10), using Chapter 11 for showing the animation.

As author wrote: “We hope that these projects and guizero brings you that little spark of excitements of your Python programs. That spark might be anything from a button that does something when you click it, to colours in your otherwise balck and white Python programming, to a full multicoloured Waffle.”

Good luck!

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