Create a Third-Person Player Character Controller

Learn Mixamo and Unity’s Mecanim system for constructing and programming your own third-person game character.


Any self-respecting game developer knows that getting their third-person player character right is one of the fundamental keys to a great gaming experience. Not only this but the controller, once developed, can be transferred from one game to another, making the code reusable and scalable. In this course, you will learn how to put together your own third-person character from scratch using freely available 3D models and animations, which you will learn how to control with C# in Unity.  The idea behind this course is to take students through a series of workshops with the necessary tools to help them make a character, animate a character and program a character without the need of being able to model or animate and gain an understanding of the third-person character controller pipeline.

This course uses Unity 2020.1 or 2020.2, Input System 1.0, and Cinemachine 2.6.3

Learn how to program and work with:

  • 3D Characters and Rigs

  • Humanoid Avatars

  • The Mecanim System

  • Avatar Masks

  • Animation Blend Trees

  • Unity’s new Input System Package

  • Unity’s Cinemachine Package for ‘Character Following’ Cameras

  • Adobe’s Mixamo Service for Rigging and Animating 3D Characters

  • Third-Person Character Controllers

  • Mixing Root Motion with Physics Controls

What people are saying about Penny’s courses:

  • Dr. Penny is a wonderful person and a true expert. All of her courses I’ve taken have been top notch and in my opinion there is no better teacher out there.

  • Allow me to say how hugely important this is for a person who is interested in certain types of game design. Creating games where you can create AI behaviors that support emergent situations.

  • I honestly love Holistic’s teaching approach and I’ve never learned so much within a few hours about coding effectively with such detailed explanations!

This course focuses on the building of typical third-person character functionality including jumping, falling, weapon handling, shooting, and taking damage. By the end of this course, you will have a great third-person character controller that you can use in your own games or adapt for customized situations.

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