Create A Code Of Conduct That Reflect Your Company’s Values

Improve Business Performance And Foster A Company Culture Where Your Employees Can Thrive


Are you interested in clearly defining your company’s expectations for your employees? Would you like to learn how you can create a more diverse and inclusive work environment? Would you like to learn the skills required to develop best practices in your organisation? Then this is the course for you!

In the business world today, it is no longer enough to simply have an attractive benefits package. Potential and current employees want to know what your company believes in and whether those beliefs are in alignment with their own. Alongside this, you also want to create a work environment that fosters productivity, loyalty, growth and positivity. According to the Chartered Management Institute, two-thirds of UK managers want to be seen as ethical, but over 80 per cent of workers don’t think their manager sets a good moral example! Small to medium companies have been found to be the least likely to have a diversity and inclusion strategy or action plan. This is usually because they need more resources to dedicate to creating this document. A code of conduct has been proven to not only improve a company’s overall performance but create a more amicable work environment. This shows just how imperative it is to have the tools to build and implement this accordingly.

Over a series of six video-based lectures, you will be given a step-by-step guide on how to create a code of conduct that reflects your company’s values and beliefs. Together, we will explore how you can make your workforce more diverse and inclusive. We will examine how political correctness can be beneficial to your company and consider ways you can improve your workplace culture, including providing you with a strategic framework to build on. Additionally, you will learn how damaging it can be if you don’t take the values of your workforce seriously. We will present you with the relevant data you need to gain a thorough understanding of how to use your code of conduct in a way that improves your company’s performance and increases employee satisfaction. After taking this course, you will be able to develop your own code clearly highlighting what you expect from your employees, as you strive to work towards an overall more positive work culture and environment.

With the information gained in this course, you’ll be prepared to sit with your employees to create a code of conduct that truly reflects your company’s values and beliefs. Additionally, you will have the expertise to put measures in place that ensure you maximise your use of the wide pool of talent available to you. Enrol now to learn more!

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