Complete React Native App Developer Course 2024

With React Native we will build multiple Android and IOS Apple apps such as Cloud, Maps, Photos, and Notification apps


In this course you will learn everything you need to know to start creating your very own apps using React Native. This class was also designed to be convenient for people who do not have 20+ hours to spare because it is compact and doesn’t waist time, only teaching what you need to know and a perfect option for busy schedules.

By the the end of this course you will have developed 11 apps as shown below, each with an important concept for becoming an expert app developer.

Dice App (creating a simple app to understand the fundamentals of React Native)

Calculator App (creating an app where you have multiple buttons and simple functions)

Navigation App (creating an app with multiple scenes to jump to)

Local Storage App (creating an app with local save capabilities and outputting the data)

Cloud Storage App (creating an app where you can save data on the cloud and create, update, get, and remove data)

Log In App (Creating an app where a user can create an account and also log into the app with cloud authentication)

Notification App (creating an app where you can set and receive notifications on the device)

Camera App (creating an app where the user can take photos)

Import Photos App (creating an app where you can import photos from your devices library)

Map App (creating an app where you can use a map and pin point locations on it)

Fitness App (creating an app where our user can track his daily fitness and calorie count)

After completing all these projects you will have a solid understanding of app development and a portfolio filled material to look back on and develop even more apps.

Total Students1418
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Number of lectures105
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Global Rating4.5
Instructor NameRed Fools Studio by William Carlson

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