Programming Automation with R and RStudio – Complete Guide

R Programming, RStudio, R Automation, R Reporting, Cloud Scheduling, Linux Automation, Ubuntu, AWS


Lean how to Automate every Office and Business task with R

This course will give you a complete overview of a set of tools and packages that can help you to automate any office and business task.

With Udemy’s 30-day money-back guarantee in place, there’s no need to worry if the class doesn’t meet your expectations.

The learning material does not contain any analytics or data science lessons.

We will not study statistics or machine learning.

We will not write complex algorithms and solve coding puzzles.

Instead, we focus on how to make your life easier, and save time for yourself and money for your company.

This course is the most complete automation course you will find online

After completing this course you will be able to schedule any repetitive task

  • read and write files dynamically from various sources (local drive, web, google sheets, dropbox, amazon)

  • store results without complex SQL databases

  • parse emails and attachments for further manipulations

  • produce custom Excel, PowerPoint and Word documents

  • send results by email and files as attachments

  • export your scripts to cloud, schedule automatic runs or on demand

  • create a cloud dashboard to control automated tasks

Automation is a very dynamic skill and I am learning new skills every day.

This course will be updated with new skills, packages and features.

My experience

During my banking career I had to program hundreds of automatic mailing reports to track stock market information and portfolio performance on daily basis. By automating these tasks I became very efficient with my time.

Currently as a consultant I help dozens of companies to automate their recurring tasks. Often hundreds of hours of manual work per month are saved once a complex recurring task is automated.

I teach R, C# and Excel/VBA on daily basis and after 600 mentoring sessions I know precisely which tools are necessary for most of people who learn programming.

As a consultant, you can very quickly acquire new clients who desperately need to improve their business.

Why R?

R has been chosen since it is one of the simplest languages to learn and is very friendly with data manipulation. After all, every office task is about manipulating and transforming data on daily basis.

R is open source and is part of a large community of developers that create and maintain packages we will explore during this course.

RStudio is probably the best IDE there is for programmers (also supports C++, Python, SQL and other languages).

Which Packages will be covered?

Base R functions will be covered as much as possible however they are very limited.

Therefore we will learn a set of packages necessary for the automation tasks.

  • dplyr: data manipulation with very user-friendly syntax

  • tidyr: data clean-up, remove duplicates, NA’s etc.

  • stringr: string and regex manipulation

  • lubridate: work with Date class objects

  • pdftools: parse content from PDF files

  • htmltab: parse html tables from web

  • gsheet: download files from Google Sheets

  • mRpostman: connect to email box and read data from Emails

  • emayili: connect to email box and send emails

  • tableHTML: create custom format HTML tables

  • openxlsxl: read and write Excel files

  • officer: read and write Word and PowerPoint documents

  • flextable: create formated tables as content for officer

  • rdrop2: connect to dropbox as cloud source

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