Complete Breakout Trading Masterclass with Price Action

Learn best Price Action Setups. Master the swings with breakout stocks and how to earn maximum profit from trading


Are you tired of constant losses in the market?

And you have started loosing confidence on all those complicated indicators?

And you struggling to find ideal entry and exit points in the market?

You even find it difficult to spot trends in the market and often catch the trends when its too late.

If answers to all these questions is big “YES”, then this course is a perfect solution for you.

Complete Breakout Trading Masterclass with Price Action

This course is must for for both aspiring and professional traders who want to obtain deeper knowledge of what is called “ the Breakout Trading” that is trading based on simple price action & chart pattern.

In this course, I will teach you proper use of tools to identify true target and stop loss with.

You will learn and master how to read any market through the lens of Price Action Analysis in this comprehensive course, taught by a full-time retail trader for more than 6 years, and working in a proprietary trading firm.

You will learn how to come up with trading ideas that are in line with the market price action. The lessons that you will learn in this course are not limited to one market but you can apply this to any market that you want to trade.

This course is more than just a collection of strategies and techniques. It’s an immersive learning experience that will teach you how to read the market like a pro, spot key patterns and trends, and develop a winning strategy that works for you.

Through this course, you’ll uncover the secrets to successful trading and gain a deep understanding of market dynamics. You’ll learn how to analyze price action, identify key levels, and execute trades with confidence.

Join us in The Course today and you’ll unlock the secrets to successful breakout trading that only a select few know!

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Instructor NameKoustav Chowdhury NISM & NCFM Certified

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