Complete 2D RPG Unity Developer Course 2024

Learn to create your very own 2D RPG with player movement, item collection, quests, multiple enemies, and boss battles.


By the end of this course you will know how to create your very own 2D RPG in Unity. We will be starting from complete scratch building the map for our game then all the way through until we have quests and even a final boss battle.

Role Playing Games are one of the most popular games to play due to the flexibility and freedom you can give the player to interact with the world you design for them. With that being said there can be an almost endless amount we can add to the game but with this course we will give you a strong foundation/knowledge base to work with so you can build your dream 2D RPG.

If you are new to coding do not worry all scripts will be walked through for each game object and source code will be available for download.

With the steps below we will create our 2D RPG:

  • Tilesets

  • Player Ui

  • Shop Ui

  • NPC Ui

  • Scene change Ui

  • Game over Ui

  • Player movement

  • Player animations

  • Player sword & bow

  • Player knockback

  • Potion collection

  • Camera follow

  • Checkpoints

  • Slime enemy

  • Snake enemy

  • Mushroom enemy

  • NPC character

  • Creating quests

  • Coin collection

  • Boss battle

After completing each step above you will have your very own 2D RPG template and the knowledge to craft it into your own design and story for future games.

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