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Hello everyone,

After offering training courses on the other asset classes (namely on bonds, FX, and equities), discover my brand new Udemy course, this time dedicated to the exciting world of the commodities market!

Commodities are a vast and dynamic field, distinguished in the world of financial markets by their proximity to the real economy. Together, we’ll explore how this asset class goes far beyond simple oil trading, and assess how economic, geopolitical and meteorological factors impact this market. In addition, we will study the futures market and how the dynamics of commodity storage and delivery can influence prices.

Whether you’re a student looking to move into the world of finance, someone curious about the world of commodities, or an independent trader, this course is designed to provide you not only with the basics, but also to familiarize you with more advanced commodity concepts.

Don’t wait to dive into this exciting journey into the commodities market. Join us today to broaden your horizons and develop your skills in this fascinating and ever-changing industry.

To discover my other training courses available on Udemy, check out my profile or follow the links at the end of the slides.

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