Commis Chef Essential Training Guide for Job Seekers Vol 2

A Comprehensive Culinary Course for Aspiring Commis Chefs and Kitchen Job Seekers


A comprehensive Culinary Course designed for aspiring commis chefs and kitchen job seekers. It trains students on cooking techniques, Commercial kitchen operational standards, food safety and the job requirements. It provided the essential knowledge and cooking skills necessary to work in a commercial kitchen environment.

It starts with an overview of the hospitality industry and breaks everything down to teach students the steps which are taken to land a kitchen job.

Overall, students will learn the industry standards in which food is prepared before selling to a customer.

Upon completion of the course, students will achieve the following:

1. Enhanced Cooking and Knife Skills: Students will develop proficiency in culinary techniques, including knife skills, food preparation, and cooking methods.

2. Mastered Culinary Techniques and Kitchen SOPs: Students will understand and adhere to industry-standard operating procedures (SOPs) in a commercial kitchen environment.

3. Adopted Good Work Practices for Food Safety: Students will demonstrate knowledge and application of food safety protocols, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and maintaining hygiene in the kitchen.

4. Boosted Confidence and Motivation for Employment: Students will gain the confidence and motivation needed to pursue kitchen employment opportunities, equipped with practical skills and industry knowledge.

5. Understanding Food Regulations: Students will be familiar with job practices aligned with UAE food regulations, preparing them for employment in local culinary establishments.

6. Expert Guidance and Interview Success Strategies: Students will benefit from expert guidance and interview success strategies, facilitating post-training career advancement in the culinary industry

Total Students50
Original Price($)2499
Sale PriceFree
Number of lectures32
Number of quizzes0
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Instructor NameEmmanuel Kibot

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