Master Course : Chinese Business Culture & Entrepreneurship

Chinese Business Culture, Chinese business etiquette, Chinese Entrepreneurship, Start-up Ideas, 中国商业文化、中国商务礼仪、中国创业


Master course in Chinese business culture and entrepreneurship:

In the past two decades, China’s entrepreneurship has grown exponentially. There’s going to be amazing changes not just in China but in the rest of the countries too through the Chinese business culture.

It’s not just about business in China. Governments and ordinary people both feel it. In China’s national economic strategy, Premier Li Keqiang called for “mass entrepreneurship and innovation.” In his work report speech at the National People’s Congress, Premier Li mentioned “innovation” 59 times and “entrepreneurship” 22 times. There were also multiple mentions of “Internet Plus”, “sharing economy”, “big data” and “Internet of Things” in the report.

Doing business in China has never been easier. In cities like Shenzhen, Hong Kong, and Qianhai, you can find the manufacturing resources you need to meet your production needs, but you have to make sure your business is going to appeal to the Chinese market before starting it.

Westerners often have a fast-paced way of doing things with no intentions of slowing things down. Business in China means adapting interactions so they make sense. It’s a sign of little faith in the eastern business culture to bring out the contract early in negotiations.

You’ve got to remember that the Chinese think differently. Chinese expand choices through selective picking instead of negotiating between mutually exclusive alternatives.

Long-term relationships are key to Chinese business culture.

In this master course. I would like to teach the 5 Major topics:

1. Introduction and Importance of Chinese business culture and entrepreneurship

2. Chinese way of doing business and successful Chinese start-ups

3. Chinese business Ideas and Why should you start a business in China?

4. Chinese business etiquette and how to adapt?

5. How to become a Chinese entrepreneur? And how to start a business ?












2. 中国的经商方式和成功的中国初创企业

3. 中国商业理念和为什么要在中国创业?



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