C.H.E.E.R. U.P !

Let this course be your medicine.


This is a fantastic course! A happy course! A peaceful course! A course to be shared, watched and enjoyed.

A course to be watched time and time again with only one purpose in mind: to cheer yourself up. (Or if in a group, to cheer everyone up!)

  • Tips to be happy.

  • Tips for positivity.

  • Tips for kindness.

  • Tips to be peaceful.

And then there’s the sonnets.

Sonnets written by (happy) students on a variety of Udemy courses.

  • About relaxation.

  • About being healed.

  • About forgiving.

Tips on coping with grief, on being outgoing, on being confident.

Positivity. Optimism. Tact.

Happiness tips for today, tomorrow and for ever.

Just remember: ‘”Daily Nature Turns Minds Justly Read, Helping Listeners Limit Gentle Yonder.

And all the while, the music, the countryside.

Just watch this course; be here and cheer up. There’s nothing much more to be said. Watch the Preview videos – even if you have no intention of enrolling – see what the course has to offer. just those few videos – they’ll give you a boost, set you up for the day.

But prepare yourself too. make sure you won’t be disturbed. allow yourself to relax and to wallow in the course – or see each lecture as a ‘shot’ – something to be watched when feeling down but only a few minutes to spare before another traffic jam, another meeting, another queue.

Let this course be your medicine.

Total Students620
Original Price($)1799
Sale PriceFree
Number of lectures13
Number of quizzes0
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Instructor NameChris Sivewright

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