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ISACA’s Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT (CGEIT) credential tests an individual’s knowledge and application of enterprise IT governance principles and practices. The Certified in Governance of Enterprise IT (CGEIT) certification, designed for IT professionals, is a vendor-neutral certification that is offered through the ISACA. This certification is mainly for individuals who are already in management and leadership positions and looking for upper management.

IT governance is a procedure to concentrate on the alignment of the information technology systems of an enterprise. It focuses on the improvement process and undertakes measures to add value to an enterprise. IT professionals in this field who are knowledgeable in the concept of governance of enterprise IT are treated as valuable assets for an organization.

CGEIT Exam Domain :-

Domain 1  – Governance of Enterprise IT

This domain deals with the organizational structure of building IT frameworks, the strategy and technology aspects of IT governance and essential knowledge about governing various types of information.

Governance framework

  1. Components of a Governance Framework

  2. Organizational Structures, Roles and Responsibilities

  3. Strategy Development

  4. Legal and Regulatory Compliance

  5. Organizational Culture

  6. Business Ethics

Technology governance

  1. Governance Strategy Alignment with Enterprise Objectives

  2. Strategic Planning Process

  3. Stakeholder Analysis and Engagement

  4. Communication and Awareness Strategy

  5. Enterprise Architecture

  6. Policies and Standards

Information governance

  1. Information Architecture

  2. Information Asset Lifecycle

  3. Information Ownership and Stewardship

  4. Information Classification and Handling

Domain 2 – IT Resources

This domain provides insight about where to effectively allocate your IT resources and how to ensure IT resources are streamlined for performance.

IT resource planning

  1. Sourcing Strategies

  2. Resource Capacity Planning

  3. Acquisition of Resources

IT resource optimization

  1. IT Resource Lifecycle and Asset Management

  2. Human Resource Competency Assessment and Development

  3. Management of Contracted Services and Relationships

Domain 3- Benefits Realization

This domain’s focus is on managing performance, monitoring and reporting, and analyzing IT-enabled technology investment management.

IT performance and oversight

  1. Performance Management

  2. Change Management

  3. Governance Monitoring

  4. Governance Reporting

  5. Quality Assurance

  6. Process Development and Improvement

Management of IT-enabled investments

  1. Business Case Development and Evaluation

  2. IT Investment Management and Reporting

  3. Performance Metrics

  4. Benefit Evaluation Methods

Domain 4- Risk Optimization

This domain is about mitigating potential IT risks and challenges and overseeing the risks of IT management capabilities.

Risk strategy

  1. Risk Frameworks and Standards

  2. Enterprise Risk Management

  3. Risk Appetite and Risk Tolerance

Risk management

  • IT-enabled capabilities, processes and services

  • Business risk, exposures and threats

  • Risk management life cycle

  • Risk assessment methods

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