Certification in EMDR Therapy – A Masterclass | Learn A to Z

A Complete EMDR Training for Self-Healing, Trauma Therapy, Childhood Healing, PTSD, Grief, and Counseling etc.


Welcome to this IRAP accredited certification in EMDR Therapy. Earn your Certificate in EMDR and become proficient in Eye Movement Desensitisation Therapy / EMDR therapy techniques with our comprehensive online program. Learn about eye desensitization therapy, bilateral stimulation, and rapid eye movement therapy for trauma treatment. Dive into EMDR protocols for PTSD, anxiety, and depression. Gain practical skills in EMDR therapy treatment and establish yourself as an EMDR trained professional. Whether you’re seeking EMDR therapy near me or aiming to enhance your therapeutic expertise, this course provides the essential knowledge and techniques for effective eye movement desensitization and reprocessing. Join us to unlock the transformative potential of EMDR therapy and make a lasting impact in trauma healing.

In this course, you will learn:

· Introduction to EMDR Therapy

· The Science Behind EMDR

· Adaptive Information Processing Model

· Phases of EMDR Therapy

· Role of the Therapist

· Preparation for EMDR Therapy

· Phase 1 – Client History and Treatment Planning

· Phase 2 – Preparation

· Phase 3 – Assessment

· Phase 4 – Desensitization

· Phase 5 – Installation

· Phase 6 – Body Scan

· Phase 7 – Closure

· Phase 8 – Reevaluation

· Eye Movements in EMDR

· Tactile and Auditory Bilateral Stimulation as a Tool for EMDR

· Visualization and Attentional Focus as Tools for EMDR

· EMDR in Anxiety

· EMDR in Depression

· EMDR in Phobias

· EMDR for Children

· EMDR for Veterans

· EMDR for LGBTQIA+ Individuals

· Common Challenges for Clients

· Ethical Considerations

· Handling Intense Emotional Responses

· Virtual EMDR Sessions

· Use of EMDR Software and Equipment

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Instructor NameDr. Ankita Kashyap

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