Certificate in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for PTSD

Fully Accredited Certification in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) for PTSD | Help as PTSD Counselor or Coach


Welcome to this IRAP accredited certification in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) for PTSD.

Transform your approach to managing PTSD with our comprehensive online course in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), expertly designed to integrate ACT therapy techniques into effective post-traumatic stress disorder management. Developed with insights from ACT, this course delivers the essential knowledge and skills needed for impactful intervention.

In this course, you’ll gain an in-depth understanding of ACT, focusing specifically on its application in treating PTSD, which aligns with the groundbreaking work of Steven Hayes ACT and Russ Harris. It covers practical applications of ACT therapy exercises and mindfulness practices essential for managing PTSD symptoms. You’ll explore the fundamentals of acceptance therapy and commitment therapy, tailored to meet the unique challenges faced by those with PTSD.

The course provides guidance on using ACT interventions, complete with downloadable handouts and worksheets, allowing you to practice techniques such as defusion and values clarification. You’ll learn techniques to enhance psychological flexibility through acceptance and commitment therapy exercises designed to promote recovery and resilience. Additionally, the course includes training on ACT for OCD, offering skills beneficial for managing overlapping symptoms.

A rich collection of resources, including an ACT therapy manual PDF, workbook PDF, and a variety of ACT worksheets, enhances both learning and practical application. Engage in ACT therapy activities and exercises that apply ACT techniques to real-world scenarios, making this course perfect for therapists, counselors, and anyone interested in using ACT to help those with PTSD.

By the end of this course, you will not only understand what is acceptance and commitment therapy but also how to apply it effectively to support those affected by trauma. Enroll now to start your training in ACT, a therapy endorsed for its effectiveness in psychological healing and wellness.

In this course, you will learn:

· Introduction to Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for PTSD

· Understanding PTSD: Symptoms, Causes, and Effects

· Core Principles and Theoretical Foundations of ACT for PTSD

· The Six Core Processes of ACT

· Developing Psychological Flexibility for PTSD

· Use of Metaphors for PTSD

· Experiential Exercises for PTSD

· Mindfulness Practices for PTSD

· Values Clarification for PTSD

· Commitment Strategies for PTSD

· Defusion Techniques for PTSD

· Acceptance Techniques for PTSD

· Self-as-Context Exercises for PTSD

· Creative Hopelessness for PTSD

· Barrier Identification and Management for PTSD

· Willingness and Openness Exercises for PTSD

· Perspective-Taking Techniques for PTSD

· Behavioral Activation for PTSD

· Language and Cognition Distancing for PTSD

· Relational Frame Theory Applications for PTSD

· Goal Setting Using Values for PTSD

· Leaves on a Stream Exercise for PTSD

· Chessboard Metaphor for PTSD

· Two Scales Metaphor for PTSD

· Tug-of-War with a Monster Metaphor for PTSD

· The Passengers on the Bus Exercise for PTSD

· The Observer Exercise for PTSD

· Matrix Diagram for Decision Making for PTSD

· Values Card Sort for PTSD

· Pain and Suffering Scale for PTSD

· Choice Point Analysis for PTSD

· The Life Path Exercise for PTSD

· ACT Assessment and Case Conceptualization for PTSD

· Structuring ACT Sessions for PTSD

· Building Therapeutic Relationships

· Tailoring ACT Techniques for Individual Therapy for PTSD

· Conducting ACT in Group Settings for PTSD

· Cultural Considerations in ACT for PTSD

· Adapting ACT for Children and Adolescents with PTSD

· Adapting ACT for Older Adults with PTSD

· Online ACT for PTSD

· Ethical Practice and Dilemmas in ACT for PTSD

· Informed Consent and Confidentiality Issues relating to ACT for PTSD

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