CEH v12 Certified Ethical Hacker

Practice Test 1: Ethical Hacking Practice Test 1


We go over fundamental exam questions like:

1. Introduction to Ethical Hacking:

  • Understanding the role of ethical hackers

  • Differentiating between ethical hacking and malicious hacking

  • Legal and ethical considerations in ethical hacking

2. Footprinting and Reconnaissance:

  • Gathering information about the target system or network

  • Techniques for footprinting, such as passive information gathering, active scanning, and social engineering

  • Tools used for footprinting and reconnaissance

3. Scanning Networks:

  • Identifying live hosts on a network

  • Port scanning techniques and tools

  • Vulnerability scanning and assessment

4. Enumeration:

  • Gathering information about users, shares, services, and applications on a network

  • Techniques for enumeration, such as NetBIOS enumeration, SNMP enumeration, and LDAP enumeration

  • Tools used for enumeration

5. System Hacking:

  • Gaining unauthorized access to systems or networks

  • Password cracking techniques and tools

  • Privilege escalation methods

6. Malware Threats:

  • Understanding different types of malware (viruses, worms, Trojans, etc.)

  • Analyzing malware behavior

  • Techniques for detecting and removing malware

7. Sniffing:

  • Capturing network traffic for analysis

  • Types of sniffing attacks (ARP poisoning, DNS spoofing, etc.)

  • Countermeasures against sniffing attacks

8. Social Engineering:

  • Manipulating individuals to gain unauthorized access

  • Techniques used in social engineering attacks (phishing, pretexting, baiting, etc.)

  • Educating users to prevent social engineering attacks

9. Denial-of-Service (DoS) Attacks:

  • Overloading a target system or network to disrupt its availability

  • Types of DoS attacks (TCP/IP-based, application-based, etc.)

  • Mitigation techniques for DoS attacks

10. Session Hijacking:

  • Taking control of a user’s session on a network

  • Techniques for session hijacking (session sidejacking, session replay, etc.)

  • Preventing session hijacking attacks

11. Hacking Web Servers:

  • Exploiting vulnerabilities in web servers

  • Techniques for web server hacking (SQL injection, cross-site scripting, etc.)

  • Securing web servers against attacks

12. Hacking Web Applications:

  • Identifying vulnerabilities in web applications

  • Techniques for web application hacking (parameter tampering, session hijacking, etc.)

  • Best practices for securing web applications

13. SQL Injection:

  • Exploiting vulnerabilities in database systems

  • Techniques for SQL injection attacks

  • Preventing SQL injection attacks

14. Wireless Network Hacking:

  • Exploiting vulnerabilities in wireless networks

  • Techniques for wireless network hacking (WEP/WPA cracking, rogue access points, etc.)

  • Securing wireless networks

15. Evading IDS, Firewalls, and Honeypots:

  • Bypassing intrusion detection systems (IDS)

  • Techniques for evading firewalls

  • Understanding honeypots and their role in detecting attackers

16. Cryptography:

  • Understanding encryption algorithms and protocols

  • Public key infrastructure (PKI) and digital certificates

  • Cryptanalysis techniques

17. Penetration Testing:

  • Planning and conducting penetration tests

  • Reporting and documenting findings

  • Compliance and legal considerations in penetration testing

18. Incident Response and Handling:

  • Preparing for and responding to security incidents

  • Incident handling process and procedures

  • Forensic investigation techniques

19. Mobile Hacking:

  • Exploiting vulnerabilities in mobile devices and applications

  • Techniques for mobile device hacking (jailbreaking, rooting, etc.)

  • Securing mobile devices

20. IoT Hacking:

  • Understanding the security risks in Internet of Things (IoT) devices

  • Techniques for hacking IoT devices

  • Securing IoT devices and networks

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