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Welcome to CCNA Interview Questions. Even after completing CCNA training with local institutes, cracking network engineer interviews can be challenging.

Learn CCNA Interview Questions directly from an expert, Vadivelan, a Solution Architect in a Product Company. Many students have landed their desired jobs after attending this workshop.

With 14 years of industry experience, I am here to share questions up to the CCNA level, explained in a manner that is easy to understand.

Mastering Fundamental Questions

This session is dedicated to mastering fundamental networking concepts, essential for any network engineer.

Topics covered include:

Understanding the OSI Model and TCP/IP Model

Proficiency in IP addressing, both IPv4 and IPv6

Subnetting techniques

Basics of routing and switching

Configuration and understanding of VLANs and trunking

Basic troubleshooting methodologies

Understanding Packet Flow

This session delves into comprehending how packets flow through networks, which is vital for network optimization and troubleshooting.

Topics covered include:

Overview of ARP and ICMP

Understanding TCP, UDP, NAT, and DHCP, Fragmentation

Grasping packet forwarding and routing processes

HSRP & STP Mastery

This session focuses on mastering HSRP (Hot Standby Router Protocol) and STP (Spanning Tree Protocol), essential for network redundancy and loop prevention.

Topics covered include:

Understanding HSRP operations and configurations

Grasping STP operations and configurations, including root bridge election and port roles

Nailing OSPF Questions

This session is dedicated to mastering OSPF (Open Shortest Path First), a widely used dynamic routing protocol in enterprise networks.

Topics covered include:

Understanding OSPF terminology and operations, such as LSAs and DR/BDR

OSPF neighbor relationships

OSPF configuration techniques, including single-area and multi-area setups

Handling Scenario-Based Questions

This session focuses on tackling scenario-based questions, which test the ability to apply knowledge to real-world network situations.

Topics covered include:

Network design, troubleshooting, security, scalability, and disaster recovery scenarios

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