Canva Graphic Designing Course in Urdu

Canva Graphic Designing Course in Urdu


Welcome to the ultimate Canva Complete Course on Udemy! In this course, your mentor will kick off with an engaging introduction and present the comprehensive course outline. Get ready to dive into the world of graphic design with Canva!

Start with an overview of Canva’s home and editor, mastering the basics before moving on to exciting projects. Learn the art of logo designing for various purposes and create eye-catching YouTube banners, logos, and thumbnails. Craft both simple and professional resumes to impress potential employers. Enhance your blog with killer featured images and explore Canva’s video editor for dynamic content.

Unlock the power of Canva AI with an image generator and discover tricks like background removal and picture animation. Delve into animation techniques, from animated video intros to motivational quote posts. Learn to design in Urdu for a broader audience.

This course covers a plethora of design projects, from wedding invitations and educational certificates to Fiverr gig creation and ebook covers. Explore social media design for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok. Design posters, business cards, and even create visuals for printing products. Elevate your skills and creativity with this Canva Complete Course – the ultimate guide to graphic design for every occasion!

Total Students34
Original Price($)1799
Sale PriceFree
Number of lectures44
Number of quizzes0
Total Reviews0
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Instructor Namekhuram Shehzad

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