Business Process Management: Certification

The most comprehensive, step by step guide on how to approach your processes, manage them well and improve performance.


Business Process Management is an approach which seeks to focus the mind on one central point – “How best can I manage this process?” The methodology and this course is aimed at supporting anyone who owns a process, works within and supports a process or is directly impacted by wider business processes. Business Process Management shows you the right approaches to take when designing and building out new processes, and how to tackle existing processes through process improvement efforts. It is all about HOW you can manage a process to get the best out of it, to keep it operating as optimally as possible and delivering in a capable and stable way.

In this course we will cover off the following:

– Business Process Management: What is it, how to deploy it, its challenges and key techniques.

– Building out a new process: We will run through the 8 stage process you should follow when designing, building and delivering a brand new process.

– Improving an existing process: We will run through the 5 stage process you should follow when defining, analyzing and improving a current process.

– A range of tools and techniques will also be explored through practical demonstrations.

At the end of this course, you will have the confidence to deliver a BPM mindset and approach with all of your processes, old and new. You will know how to successfully manage them, the approaches needed to optimize them and how to track their success. The course is delivered through a healthy mix of theory, how to deploy and practical demonstrations – so you will have the confidence to start deploying BPM within your organization as soon as the course concludes.

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